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Shaanxi International Investment Promotion Center

   Shaanxi International Investment Promotion Center (the “Center”), established in March 2014 with the approval of the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province, is a professional organization engaging investment promotion and investment services, a window unit providing “one-stop” services for foreign investment, and also a executive director unit of the China Council for International Investment Promotion.

   In line the objectives of “promoting investment and improving services”, the Center is actively building the “Public Service Platform for Foreign Investment Promotion of Shaanxi Province”, and provides efficient and convenient through services to domestic and overseas traveling merchants and foreign-invested companies by carrying out investment promotion, investment service and investment research and communication activities. In the meantime, the Center is responsible for the operation of the “Complaint and Consultation Hotline for Foreign-invested Enterprises of Shaanxi Province”, to handle complaints and provide consultation services for foreign enterprises and merchants.

  The Center has set up General Office, Investment Promotion Department, Corporate Affairs and Exhibition Department, Business Solicitation Department, etc.

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 Agency Service

 One Window for All Procedures; Through Agent Service:
1.Administrative department for industry and commerce: Prior approval of company name
2.Business department: Examination and approval of contract and articles of association of foreign-invested companies
3.Quality supervision department: Letter of notice on grant of organization code
4.Business department: Certificate of approval of foreign-investment companies
5.Business department: Registration of business license
6.Carving anti-counterfeit seal: Official company seal, private seal of legal representative, etc.
7.Quality supervision department: Certificate of Organization Code
8.Foreign exchange department: Certificate of Registration of Foreign Exchange Business
9.State tax department: State Tax Registration Certificate
10.Local tax department: Local Tax Registration Certificate
11.Opening a bank account: Account opening permit
12.Customs department: Customs registration certificate
13.Financial department: Financial registration department
14.Labor department: Employment permit, work permit.
Service Matters
 Investment consultation
 Acting as agent for establishment and change of foreign funded projects
 Organizing and holding investment promotion activities
 Foreign-related corporate training
 Handling complaints of foreign merchants and foreign-invested companies
 Providing consultation services on finance, law and financing to foreign-invested companies
 Soliciting projects, contacting merchants and carrying out relevant connection business
 Attracting investment for specific projects and promoting the conclusion of project contracts

Organizer:Shaanxi International Investment Promotion Center

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