Shannxi Advantage

Introduction to Shaanxi

      Shaanxi Province is located at China’s central position that links its East to West and North to South and is a key transfer station for inland transportation to Central Asia and Europe. Shaanxi covers an area of 205,800 square kilometers and has a population of 37.50 million. As a provincial capital and starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an now is a key city in China’s section of Eurasia Land Bridge, has most freeways and national main trunk lines of China’s mega cities, and is one of the six railway terminals and also one of the four aviation hubs under national planning.Shaanxi abounds in mineral resources. Potential value of mineral reserve is estimated to be RMB42 trillion yuan...  [More...]

Natural Resources

Shaanxi stretches across basins of the Yellow River and Yangtze River bounded by Qinling Mountains; on northern side of the boundary is water system of the Yellow River and on southern side is that of the...[More...]

Scientific and Technological Education

Shaanxi is an important base for key scientific research and industry in fields such as China scientific research, national defense technology, modern agriculture and hi-tech studies, and now has 1076 ...[More...]

Development Situation

In 2013, although domestic economy was under increasing pressure from the economic downturn, the economy of Shaanxi was still operating in the rising channel. The GDP of the whole year totaled ...[More...]

Factor Supply

This table is based on the calculation of data of 3,874 land transaction cases involving land transaction price in all cities (district) of Shaanxi in the whole year of 2013 announced by the website: ...[More...]

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