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Invest in Shaanxi

Shaanxi Province is located at China’s central position that links its East to West and North to South and is a key transfer station for inland transportation to Central Asia and Europe. Shaanxi covers an area of 205,800 square kilometers and has a population of 37.50 million. As a provincial capital and starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an now is a key city in China’s section of Eurasia Land Bridge, has most freeways and national main trunk lines of China’s mega cities, and is one of the six railway terminals and also one of the four aviation hubs under national planning.

Stable energy supply

Shaanxi abounds in mineral resources. Potential value of mineral reserve is estimated to be RMB42 trillion yuan, ranking first in China. Of various mineral resources in Shaanxi, coal reserve proven is 168,5 billion tons, ranking third nationwide; petroleum reserve is 1.4 billion tons and natural gas reserve 1.02 trillion cubic meters. By virtue of these resources, we’ve made significant progress in construction of the internationally advanced and nationally first-rate Shanbei Energy Chemical Industrial Base that has attracted investments from many big businesses and corporate groups both at home and abroad, including “transmitting electricity from the western to the eastern regions” project as well as Shenhua Dow coal chemical industry, Shenhua Sasol coal liquefaction, Yankuang Group coal liquefaction and coal chemical industry and Wubao coal coking chemical projects with total investment of RMB500 billion yuan.

Beautiful environment for human settlements

In Shaanxi Province, there are magnificent mountains and rivers, profound historic and cultural deposits along with numerous cultural relics and historic sites left over in 13 dynasties when Xi’an was an ancient capital; there are also naturally endowed landscapes such as Hukou Waterfall, Taibai Mountain Snow and Huashan Mountain as well as many other well-known mountains, rivers, scenery spots, nature reserves, ecological reserves, geological parks and scenic resorts. Over years’ transformation of cultivated land into forestry and comprehensive control of water pollution and air pollution, the ecological and human habitable environments in Shaanxi have been improved evidently, percentage of forest coverage up to 37% and tree-grass coverage up to 45%, which makes “Yellow Shaanxi” as impressed by many nationals a past concept in history. Construction of water sources and comprehensive management of rivers have provided reliable water supply for major cities including Xi’an and key investment areas. Electric power supply that has profited much from abundant energy resources can meet all needs of economic development.

Convenient communications and transportation

Shaanxi features moderate location and convenient transportation. Xi’an is the only city in China where 9 national highways and 5 railroad lines have converged and is also one of the 6 railway terminals and air hubs. It has expressways leading to each central city in the province; by the end of 2010, length of highways on operation exceeds 3000km, ranking first in West China and forming a “traffic circle within one day” that connects to provincial capitals in its vicinity. After operation of passenger railway line in this year, it takes 2 hours from Xi’an to Zhengzhou, 3 hours to Wuhan, 4 hours to Beijing and 5 hours to Shanghai. Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is one the of six hub airports in China and makes possible to arrive in any major city in China within 3 hours by air.

Sufficient human resources

Shaanxi is a nationally important base for higher education in possession of superiority in scientific and educational resources as well as comparative advantages in human resources and costs. General strength of science and technology in colleges and universities ranks third in China as there are now 1061 scientific research institutions, 1.1 million scientific and technical personnel, 76 regular institutions of higher learning and nearly 1 million students in enrollment; the number of national “985 project” and “211 project” universities takes the second and the fourth place respectively in China. Shaanxi abounds in human resources; among 10,000 of its population, the quantity of professional technicians ranks seventh in China; among 10,000 of workers, the quantity of professional technicians ranks second. At the same time, labor cost in Shaanxi is lower than that in East area.

Supporting industries taking initial shape

Shaanxi has favorable industrial base and complete category of industrial system; particularly in recent years, rapid development of special industries such as equipment manufacture, energy chemical industry and hi-tech industry contributes to momentum in competitive industries including complete equipment of power transmission and distribution, autos and components and machine tools with big aircraft manufacture as the leading industry, which has promoted overall dimension and technical level of equipment manufacture in Shaanxi. With support of Shanbei energy chemical industry base, the energy chemical industry has witnessed advancement in CTL, coal to methanol and MTO that focuses on deep processing and chemical engineering of coal, petroleum and gas after investigation of these resources is assured, which provides potent support for Shaanxi’s development and also for national strategy of energy resources. Led by Xi’an Software Park, the software industry clusters composed of communication cluster dominated by Haitian Antenna and Datang Telecom, integrated circuit industrial chain dominated by Micron and Infineon, electron device industrial cluster dominated by Rainbow Group and equipment manufacturing cluster dominated by Xidian Group and Xi’an Heavy Machinery Research Institute, have generated a packing effect that unfolds a new trend in hi-tech industrialization of Shaanxi. Currently, the Development Planning for Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone has comes into effect and new planning and policy on development of western regions will be unveiled to implement major projects and drive overall development of Shaanxi. Inevitably, successful implementation of 12 industries restructuring and revitalization plan including equipment manufacture will lay a solid industrial foundation for economic development of Shaanxi.

Various development zones becoming hotspots

Xi’an Hi-tech Development Zone is one of the five development zones supported by the State; Yangling Demonstration Zone is the only national agricultural hi-tech industrial demonstration zone; Xi’an Yanliang Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base is the only state-level aviation industrial base. In 2005, Premier Wen Jiabao said that five hi-tech development zones including Xi’an zone would be built as world-class Science and Technology Park. At present, Shaanxi is putting up all strengths to achieve this purpose. A multilevel opening-up pattern has come into being in Shaanxi, which is led by 7 state-level development zones such as hi-tech development zones in Xi’an and Baoji, Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Demonstration Zone, and based on Central Shaanxi Hi-tech Development Belt to drive development in North and South Shaanxi.

Optimized investment environment

With improvement being made in infrastructural environment, Shaanxi perseveres with improvement of investment and service environment and creation of market economy system and service environment compatible with international practices. Investment promotion agencies are founded in each city and district of Shaanxi Province to practice “all services provided in one hall”. Approval process of registration, labor employment, outbound business travel, tax reimbursement and request for foreign exchange demanded by investment enterprises both at home and abroad shall be completed with limited time. Rapid development is made in logistics and port construction by executing “big custom clearance” to achieve “custom clearance at locality, inspection and release at port” for all inbound and outbound commodities. For domestic and foreign enterprises to make investment in Shaanxi, local preferential policies of Shaanxi and national development of west regions shall be practiced right down the line.

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