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 Utilization of Foreign Investment

   In 2013, there were 204 newly approved foreign investment projects, 41.7% more than that of the previous year; actual utilization of foreign capital totaled USD 3.678 billion, an year on year increase of 25.3%, of which that of the secondary industry reached USD 2.615 billion, and that of the tertiary industry was USD 1.035 billion, accounting for 71.1% and 28.1% respectively. Foreign investment projects tend to develop into clusters and bases, in particular, the Samsung Flash Memory Project brought with it 59 related enterprises settling down in Xi’an, a number of major projects went into operation such as the sealed testing of Samsung chips, Samsung Electronic Information Research Institute, Johnson Supply Chain Base and Microsoft Innovation Center, etc. From 2008, Shaanxi Province has attracted a total of USD 13.6 billion, of which 10.798 billion was attracted in the last 4 years. Foreign investment has played an important role in speeding up the development of an open economy and in optimizing industrial structure of the province.


     2010-2013年度陕西省实际利用外资额:The foreign capital actually utilized in Shaanxi (2010-2013) ( USD 100 million )

     近四年陕西省实际利用外资额:The foreign capital actually utilized in Shaanxi in the last 4 years ( USD 100 million )


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