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Characteristic Industries

【Energy chemical industry】

   Shaanxi abounds in natural resources and particularly is endowed with good occurrence conditions for resources such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and halite in northern Shaanxi where the largest integral gas field on land in China was found and three coal bases including Shendong, Shanbei and Huanglong were built as planned by the State. Energy heavy chemical industry base in northern Shaanxi was enhanced by planning for water supply, environmental protection and coal liquefaction in order to create a complete industry chain.  

【Equipment manufacturing】
   As an important base for equipment manufacturing in China, Shaanxi has built an industrial system with complete range of mechanical equipment, communications and transportation, aerospace and petrochemical industry and has become a key R&D center and production base for MP/HP complete set of electric transmission and transformation equipment, aircraft and aerospace engine, heavy-duty trunk, digital SPC exchange, CNC machine and color picture tube. 
【High technology】
   Hi-tech industrial belt in central Shaanxi plains begins to take shape, covering electronic information, biomedicine, new materials and optical, mechanical and electronic integration, and has reinforced its pulling power of provincial economy. Meanwhile, rapid growth of private scientific and technological enterprises contributed much to technical innovation and economic development of Shaanxi. 
【Modern services such as finance and exhibition】
    As the largest financial center in northwest region and the site where branch of People’s Bank of China governing northwest region is located, Xi’an has built a pluralist and multilevel financial system that integrates various financial institutions, including Hong Kong HSBC and the Bank of East Asia. In addition, as the largest business trade center and logistics distribution center, Xi’an has a marketplace covering northwest region, Sichuan, Shanxi and Henan. Influential exhibitions in Shaanxi are China East and West Investment and Trade Talks, Xi’an Eurasia International Forum and China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair.
【Tourism culture】
    Shaanxi is one of the provinces with richest tourism resources in China. Apart from its scenic spots of cultural relics, it has numerous natural landscapes and state-level nature reserves such as Lishan scenery, Cuihua Mountain National Geopark and Taibai Mountain as well as Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River and Yan’an Tour of Revolution, which makes Shaanxi an ideal destination of ecological tourists and recreational tourists and contributes much to increasing number of visitors and earnings of Shaanxi. During 2005-2010, the number of domestic and overseas tourists grew from 60 million to 145 million person-times with an average annual y increase of 21.1%; general income of tourism climbed from RMB35.3 billion to 98 billion, increasing annually by 21.8%. Over last five years, tourism of Shaanxi maintained sustainable development; during 2005~2010, number of star hotels increased from 261 to 354, number of travel agencies increased from 342 to 610 and that of Level A tourist attractions increased 101. During the “11th Five-year Plan” period, Shaanxi made much progress in development of natural and ecological tourism products, such as Zhashui Niubeiliang National Forest Park, Changqing-Huayang, Jinsi Gorge and Nangongshan Mountain. These newly-developed tourism products not only changed structure of tourism products of Shaanxi but also caused great impact on both domestic and overseas market. What’s more, historic and humanistic tourism products were created, including the Tang Paradise, new scenic spot of Famen Temple, Underground Museum of Hanyang Tomb, Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Park and Daming Palace Site Park, which were completed and open to the public during this five-year period that witnessed the leap of tourism products of Shaanxi. In addition, enhancement of tourism publicity as well as tourist environment and service quality is characteristic of Shaanxi tourism. 
【Fruit industry】
    Loess plateau on north of Wei River in Shaanxi, as an ideal area to grow apple in the world, has now become the largest base for quality apple production in China and even in the world. In 2010, fruit industry developed steadily; orchard area reached up to 16.25 million mu (approximately 1.084 million hectares) with a yield of 12.385 million tons, increased by 7.1% and 7.7% respectively over previous year, including 9.02 million mu (approximately 601,634 hectares) of apples with a yield of 8.56 million tons, increased by 6.4% and 6.3% respectively over previous year; 709,000 mu (approximately 47,290.3 hectares) of kiwi fruit with a yield of 629,000 tons, increased respectively by 23.3% and 25.8% over previous year. Shaanxi has become the second largest province of fruit production and the first largest province of apple and kiwi fruits production in China. 
   Fruit quality improved greatly due to advancement of standardized production, green fruit base construction, ecological orchards and export registration of orchards. Quality apple ratio reached 75% and area of organic fruit certified rose to 150,000 mus (approximately 10,005 hectares); hence, Shaanxi became the largest area of apple production. Trade in fruits grew with stability. In 2010, Shaanxi fruits had good prices and sales on domestic market. Despite impact of the financial crisis, new breakthroughs were achieved in fruit export that was getting better and better. It was estimated that fruit export of Shaanxi could be 500,000 tons and earnings of foreign exchange would exceed US$400 million. 
   Benefits increased strikingly as both production and marketing throve. It was reported that average earning of apple orchard per mu (equivalent 0.0667 hectare) increased by more than RMB1000 over previous year, that of kiwi fruit increased by RMB1000 and orange did by RMB1500. In addition, cold storage capacity increasing by 300,000 tons contributed to added industrial value. Predictably, added valued of fruit industry of Shaanxi would be RMB15 billion and net income of orchardists could be RMB2800; both maintained a sustainable growth. 

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