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Hancheng: A Cultural and Historical Famous City

A. Basic Information and Development Orientation
      Located in the northeast part of Shaanxi Guanzhong plain and on the west bank of the Yellow River, Hancheng covers an area of 1,621 km2 with a population of 400,000. As the hometown of Sima Qian, the great writer and historian in ancient China, Hancheng was named as National Famous Historical and Cultural City in 1986. In 2013, the GDP, fiscal revenue and social investment in fixed assets of Hancheng were RMB 26.8 billion, 3.63 billion and 20 billion, up by 13.6%, 20.3% and 27.7% respectively.
     Hancheng is aiming at developing into a core city in Northeast Shaanxi, a new type of industrial city, a national demonstration base for circular economy and a national tourism destination.
B. Investment Attraction and Specific Investment Environment
     In 2013, Hancheng attracted 11 investment projects from out of the province, with domestic capital RMB 4.138 billion and foreign capital USD 100,000. All these projects were implemented in the same year.
     Hancheng New-style Industrial Park locates 5 km north to the downtown, with a planning area of 7 km2. Aiming at developing into a new area of the city, the park is accelerating the infrastructure construction including roads, water supply and drainage, supply of power, gas and heat and communication in a moderate advanced way. With concepts of “low carbon, environmental protection and sound ecosystem”, the park is striving for a ecological sound, garden-like and recycling provincial demonstrative industrial park.
      Approved by Administration of Environmental Protection, Longmen Industrial Park is a circular economy demonstration zone with an area of 78 km2. The park has developed 5 pillar industries of coal, electric power, metallurgy, coking and construction materials. There are 69 enterprises above designated size in the park now, which produce coal 1.25 million tons, coke 10 million tons, steel 7 million tons, cement 2 million tons, carbon black 125,000 tons, other chemical products 1 million tons and 2.5215 million KW power annually.


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