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Yulin: A Shining Pearl on the Plateau

A. Basic Information and Development Orientation

    Yulin locates in the most northern part of Shaanxi, which is the central region of the Golden Triangle (Shaanxi, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia) of energy resources. It is a rare place in the world which is rich in coal, oil, gas and salt simultaneously. It is also a charming place with sceneries of desert, grassland and lake.

    Covering an area of 43,587 km2, Yulin has a permanent population of 3.3703 million by the end of 2013. GDP of the whole year reached RMB 284.68 billion, total fixed assets investment was RMB 182.79 billion, and fiscal revenue was RMB 66.89 billion, up by 8.8%, 3.2% and 0.4% respectively.

    To reinforce its economy, livelihood, ecology, culture, harmony and happiness, Yulin aims to build a city with strong economic competitiveness, splendid culture and a sound ecosystem by promoting the construction of a regional central city, a national energy chemical base and a modern featured agricultural base.

B. Investment Attraction and Specific Investment Environment

    In 2013, the city attracted 280 investment projects with actually utilized capital of 60.35 billion yuan. The key projects are under construction now, such as Deep Processing and Comprehensive Utilization of Methyl Alcohol and Acetic Acid conducted by China National Coal Group, Xiwan Coal Chemical Comprehensive Utilization conducted by Yanchang Petroleum Group, Yushen High-efficient Coal Transformation Industrial Park conducted by Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group, and Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metals Group’s Polycrystalline Silicon Production project with annual output of 24,000 tons.  

    As to the investment environment of the city, first of all, as the joint area of 5 provinces, namely Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, it has sound railway and highway system, and the Yulin Airport is the 2nd largest airport of the province. Secondly, the energy resource structure is satisfying for its great development potential. Third, it has distinctive cultural feature for it owns top-ranking ancient cultural relics. Besides, in order to improve the supervision mechanism of the investment environment, Yulin has set up a complaint network named “Investment Environment 110”, and has conducted comprehensive assessment and investigation work for a long time. These hard work endow the city with ever greater attraction for investors.


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