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Yangling: A City of Agricultural Sciences

A. Basic Information and Development Orientation

     Located in the Shaanxi Guanzhong plain, Yangling has an area of 135 km2 and a total population of 200,000. It is the country’s only state-level agricultural high-tech demonstration zone, known as “China’s Agricultural Science City”. In 2013, the GDP, fiscal revenue and social investment in fixed assets of Yangling were RMB 8.4 billion, 1.17 billion and 9.1 billion, increased by 14.2%, 30% and 19.6% respectively.

    Aiming at building a city of high-tech, rich talents reserve, beautiful landscape and well-off, Yangling is striving for forging a strategic highland of agricultural-related       industries and a world famous agricultural science and technology innovative city.

B. Investment Attraction and Specific Investment Environment

     In 2013, Yangling attracted 326 investment projects with contract capital RMB 26.2 billion and actually utilized capital 11.7 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over the previous year. In these investment projects, there were 16 major projects that invested more than 500 million yuan each, like Haili FMD Vaccine production, which showed the breakthrough Yangling achieved in attracting large and foreign investors. Now, the key investment projects such as Buchang Bio-medicine Industrial Park, Wanlong Medical Industrial Park, China-Argentina (Yangling) Jinhai FMD Vaccine and agricultural deep processing project are under construction.

     Yangling has geat location advantage, rich agricultural resources and abundant sci-tech capabilities. “China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair” is one of the four scientific and technological exhibitions supported by the nation and is currently the largest agricultural exhibition in influence. Yangling has a high reputation in China and even around the world, representing the leading level and development orientation of China’s agriculture.


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